Motive Learning Partners with Mindstamp to Create Interactive Videos for MicroCert™ Courses

Screen capture of interactive video question on placement of the bonding cable on a fuel truck.

Immerse Your Employee with Live Motion Video and Interactivity

Motive Learning creates dynamic video experiences by embedding interactivity within a video lesson to engage the learner.

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 16, 2021 / — Motive Learning strives to use the latest technology and best practices for eLearning which is the catalyst for their new partnership with Melbourne, Florida-based Mindstamp to include interactive Video in Motive Learning MicroCert™ courses for the aircraft services industry. Interactive Video increases learner engagement and maximizes the training impact of the on-boarding process by increasing the retention of training materials. Appealing to young and mature employees alike, interactive video is an effective training tool because it’s extremely user-friendly, engaging, and entertaining.

With Mindstamp’s interactive Video solution, Motive Learning creates dynamic video experiences by embedding interactivity within a video lesson to engage the learner. MicroCert™ courses are paused at key points to pose questions or instruct the learner to complete a task that reinforces company procedures and safety practices. Interactive video is ideal to immerse the learner in the work environment providing the best possible learning experience, and works especially well for equipment, aircraft, and facility tours. MicroCert™ courseware includes buttons and hotspots for additional resources such as diagrams or links to additional information.

“Video is a great tool for breaking down complex information and ideas at a learner’s own pace. Add interactivity and you have learner engagement that can’t be matched. We are designing courses now that include interactivity powered by Mindstamp that will have your employee’s working safely in the airport environment before they walk out on the ramp,” says Karla Roberts, President of Motive Learning. “We are excited to be able to offer the latest interactive technology in our MicroCert™ courses, as well as our custom courseware.”

About ML MicroCert™ Courses

Over the years, Motive Learning has teamed up with Subject Matter Experts across the country to provide affordable online courses for 1 to 100,000 employees. The main goal of each MicroCert™ course is for an employee to understand and comply with laws, regulations, and policies; prevent and mitigate violations; and help their organization avoid costly fines and penalties. Each MicroCert™ course meets all federal and state requirements/recommendations on a specific topic in a short and effective delivery format with audio, video, interactive exercises, and a final assessment. Some popular course topics include Wellness in the Workplace (Covid-19 Edition), Bloodborne Pathogens, Heat Illness Prevention on the Airport, Introduction to Human Factors, Lockout Tagout, Hazwoper, and Confined Space Awareness. For a complete list of MicroCert™ course offerings visit

About Motive Learning

Motive Learning is trusted by airports, FBOs, and other aviation service providers. These organizations require employees with specialized skills. They have complex and continually changing equipment and procedures. Training programs need to be flexible and convenient. Our software and services help them develop and deliver custom interactive eLearning solutions.

Based on Florida’s Space Coast, home of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and the next generation of human space flight, the company delivers customized learning management systems that allow its clients to conduct mandatory training, confirm employees meet qualification requirements, and report their qualification status to customers and regulatory authorities in real time. Motive Learning provides services to aerospace and aviation companies in the U.S. and throughout the world and can adapt the MotiveLMS to serve businesses large and small.

Motive Learning is best known for their software solutions, which include:

● MotiveLMS Silver, Gold and Platinum; an array of Learning Management System (LMS) platforms. Each product is appropriately sized to the organization to efficiently deliver training. The LMS includes a Qualification Management feature that tracks and reports training and compliance for safety standards and other requirements.

● MotiveCAT, our Content Authoring Tool. This is used by clients to create their own training programs. Built for non-programmers, subject matter experts have the ability to easily create interactive eLearning courses.

● Motive API Key Generator; provides access to all the data points in the MotiveLMS to enable seamless integration with other systems. This tool provides data integration into various Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), Safety Management Systems (SMS), and other third party Learning Management Systems (LMS).

The Motive Learning team includes experienced instructional designers, developers, and video professionals. This team of experts collaborate with clients to build engaging training programs on technical tasks, equipment use, and complex processes.

About Mindstamp

Mindstamp is an online interactive video platform that transforms video content with interactive, actionable elements to engage users, students, and employees.

Mindstamp provides interactive features to support a wide range of business processes, including training, marketing, and sales.

To learn more, contact Andrew Brooks: or (202) 317-0702.

Karla Roberts
Motive Learning
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Best Cyclotron Systems is Proud to Introduce the New Versatile Best Model B35adp Alpha/Deuteron/Proton Cyclotron

TeamBest Global Companies logo —

TeamBest Global Companies logo —

Best Cyclotron Systems logo —

Best Cyclotron Systems logo —

Best ABT Molecular Imaging logo —

Best ABT Molecular Imaging logo —

NEW Best Model B35adp Alpha/Deuteron/Proton Cyclotron

NEW Best Model B35adp Alpha/Deuteron/Proton Cyclotron

Best Cyclotron Systems, a TeamBest Global Company, Introduces B35adp Alpha/Deuteron/Proton Cyclotron for Medical Radioisotope Production & Other Applications

BEIJING, CHINA, June 16, 2021 / — Over the last several years, Best Cyclotron Systems and Best ABT Molecular Imaging of the TeamBest Global Group of Companies (TBG), have developed a series of cyclotrons for medical, industrial and research applications. Recently, TBG has developed a 35 MeV Alpha, Deuteron and Proton Cyclotron for production of medical isotopes and other applications. This versatile cyclotron is a compact unit occupying a relatively small footprint, as well as easy to operate and maintain. It still accomplishes an important role as a novel cyclotron system for production of large quantities of medical isotopes and generation of deuteron and alpha particles.

This cyclotron produces a variety of proton-induced medical radioisotopes that are widely used in diagnostic and therapeutic investigations and procedures. In addition, this unit can generate radionuclides through the (d,n), (d,p) and (alpha, xn) reactions. For example, Lutecium-166 and Astatine-211 are available using the B35adp.

Some of the characteristics of B35adp are given below:
– Proton Particle Beam: 30 MeV Energy, 500 µA Beam Current
– Deuteron Particle Beam: 15 MeV Energy, 250 µA Beam Current
– Alpha Particle Beam: 35 MeV Energy, 100 µA Beam Current

The alpha beam is designed with a higher energy so that encapsulated targets may be used for Astatine-211 production — thus, isolating the alpha-emitting radioisotope while maximizing the production yield.

The B35adp accesses the family of production targets that TeamBest Global offers for the B35 cyclotron. Production sequences are automatic and coordinated with the synthesis protocols.

Maintenance and service monitoring are performed from the TBG Cyclotron Team on a regular basis.

TBG will customize this cyclotron to suit medical/industrial/research application needs and requirements.

TeamBest Global (TBG) Companies and Best Cure Foundation (BCF) are planning to establish hundreds of cyclotrons and other systems worldwide for Radioisotope Production, Research, Green Energy, etc., and operate them for more efficient Medical Diagnosis/Treatment/Research and Green Energy Developments.

For more information about the Best Model B35adp, other cyclotrons and products from TeamBest Global Companies, Best Cyclotron Systems, Best ABT Molecular Imaging and Best Cure Foundation, please visit:

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To read most recent news from TeamBest Global Companies, please visit:
For more information about Krishnan Suthanthiran, please visit his bio page at

Krishnan Suthanthiran • President & Founder
TeamBest Global Companies & Best Cure Foundation
+1 703-451-2378
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irth Solutions and UTTO Announce Partnership to Create the Most Secure and Accurate Locate Process Available

irth Solutions partnership with UTTO

irth Solutions partners with UTTO to create the most secure and accurate locate process available for the underground utility industry.     

For the Underground Utility Industry     

Organizations with this insight can train best-practice locate skills, improve field operations and ultimately achieve absolute damage avoidance to critical infrastructure.”

— Trent Peugh, President and CRO

COLUMBUS, OHIO, UNITED STATES, June 16, 2021 / —  irth Solutions, a leading provider of cloud-based solutions that improve the resiliency of critical infrastructure, including its flagship 811 ticket management system, and UTTO, an innovator that is redefining locate best practices for 811 workforces, today announced a unique partnership. This partnership gives organizations the highest level of locate and mark accuracy. This visibility into the locate process helps improve locate and marking of underground utilities. Improvements in an organization’s locate services enhance resiliency, reliability and safety of utilities, oil/gas, telecommunications and construction operations.     
UTTO Inc., whose company name is derived from a Greek term for under/beneath and Italian for help, offers technology specifically for the underground utility industry to improve the quality of locate and marks as well as the education and training of their damage prevention workforce. Proper data analysis and recording from the field and training of 811 technicians are crucial for avoiding asset damage. This gives organizations valuable insights to help them improve their overall damage prevention program and avoid costly damages.
“Our partnership with irth Solutions creates an industry first that enables 811 ticket management systems for utilities to protect underground assets and preserve safety using our Locate Assurance® data-driven model,” said Annie Burns, Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Alliances for UTTO.    
The partnership with UTTO helps utilities understand how individual technicians are performing and the risks associated with each locate, reducing damages of critical infrastructure due to poor training or individual lone wolf techniques and processes. Organizations who use this technology can also leverage Locate Assurance to motivate and incentivize the entire field workforce. This visibility helps drive change, improves safety, and reduces damage and potential damages. Here’s how UTTO technology works:   

• Locate technicians are trained using UTTO’s Virtual Locate Training Simulator.
• The “in-office” simulator can illustrate and teach solutions to locate scenarios in a “safe to fail” environment, tricky scenarios that a line locator encounters daily and can be land mines to avoid.
• You can be assured that trained and certified technicians go out in the field to locate and mark underground assets with scientific performance assessments.
• In the real world, Locate Assurance technology inside the locate device enables the same metrics as trained in the Simulator to be viewed every day, giving supervisors and auditors visibility into their field operations that never existed.
• Before closing an 811 ticket and leaving the site, the performance score will be presented to the field technician and allow them to relocate if company standards are not met, ensuring company best practices are followed and used at every locate.

Prior to UTTO’s technology, there was no way to capture this valuable locate data. The data:  

• Improves the precision and accuracy of locate and mark operations.
• If used for surveying and mapping, it qualifies the GPS points being captured.   
• Helps organizations optimize field resources with real-time field-visit analytics to understand who is deployed where.   
• Identifies technician training gaps that can be closed by using UTTO’s Virtual Locate Training Simulator.   
UTTO technology combined with irth Solution’s UtiliSphere provides the most powerful, efficient 811 ticket management platform to help companies improve safety, comply with regulations and efficiently protect assets, workers and service. When a locator tech performs a locate with a UTTO-approved device, data is captured and the locate is scored and recorded in the UtiliSphere platform.
“Our partnership with UTTO provides amazing data that had never been accessed. Organizations with this insight can train best-practice locate skills, improve field operations and ultimately achieve absolute damage avoidance to critical infrastructure,” said Trent Peugh, President and CRO of irth Solutions. “Using a UTTO-compliant device is going to be an industry best practice to ensure your facilities are properly located and marked and your technicians are adequately trained. When used with our UtiliSphere platform, your damage prevention program is managed in one robust system that will protect assets, improve safety, and save time and money.”  
Learn more about irth Solutions.
Learn more about UTTO.

About irth Solutions     
irth Solutions, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, is the leading provider of cloud-based asset protection solutions to improve resilience of critical asset infrastructure, including their flagship 811 ticket management solution. Clients have trusted irth Solutions for decades to manage and reduce risk, decrease costs, increase revenue opportunities and ensure regulatory compliance. Artificial intelligence and analytics power additional insights for early detection of emerging problems. irth Solutions has helped hundreds of customers execute the work that is most important to their success in a world where safety, resilience and reliability are paramount.      
About UTTO     
UTTO Inc. is a pioneering hardware and software company serving the underground infrastructure and damage prevention industry. The company has developed an integrated cloud platform consisting of advanced connected locating and mapping devices, VR training/certification technology, and on-site performance tracking and analytics tools. The company operates three divisions; UTTO Training, UTTO Locate Assurance® and UTTO Mapping. With subsidiary company IPEG Corp, it has an operational presence in the U.S and U.K.

Contact: Joshua Fuller, Director of Marketing,  
Jeanne Zagursky, Accounts Manager,

Joshua Fuller
irth Solutions
+1 614-784-8000
email us here
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The companies will integrate and deliver a complete fuel management IoT solution to monitor fuel usage in real time in remote locations with no cell coverage.

INDIA, June 16, 2021 / — Bangalore, India, June 16th, 2021 – The global fuel and fleet management solution provider OMNICOMM has entered a strategic partnership with narrowband IoT solution pioneer Skylo. The companies will integrate and deliver a complete fuel management IoT solution for businesses with fleets of all sizes to monitor fuel usage in real time in remote locations with no cell coverage.

OMNICOMM will empower Skylo’s portfolio of IoT solutions with advanced fuel monitoring to address fuel wastage, leakage and theft and improve fuel and fleet efficiency for any size of business in a variety of industries, including construction, farming, fishing, logistics and transportation and railways. Customers can deploy an easy-to-use and affordable full-stack IoT fuel management solution that provides users with real-time actionable insights and historical data from a virtual command center and mobile platform, even in remote locations with no cell coverage.

“Skylo’s affordability and ubiquity offers customers a new kind of machine data solution, one that is much needed, especially in industries who count on machines to run their business,” said Mohit Mehrotra, business head and Managing Director, OMNICOMM India and South Asia. “We’re excited to partner with Skylo to deliver a solution to large and small companies who want to take full advantage of our extremely reliable and highly accurate fuel level sensors. From logistics to mining and construction to oil and gas, our customers want to know more about their equipment, especially in underserved, unconnected regions.”

“As fuel costs continue to spike, the global logistics industry, specifically, needs to find ways to manage and monitor fuel usage, theft, as well as loss due to faulty or aging equipment,” commented Skylo COO Angira Agrawal. “Simultaneously, traditionally analog businesses are requiring reliable connectivity everywhere. The combination of Skylo’s IoT always-on network with OMNICOMM’s advanced sensors gives fleet owners real-time insights to make faster, smarter decisions.”

OMNICOMM’s high-precision capacitive fuel level sensors are critical for accurate and effective real-time fuel monitoring, empowering fleet operators to monitor fuel consumption, improve fuel and fleet efficiency, detect vehicle idling and engine hours, detect fuel wastage and theft and forecast costs and technical maintenance. OMNICOMM sensors are the most accurate, robust and reliable on the market, with up to 99.5% accuracy, the highest possible ingress protection rating of IP69K, and a long work-life that delivers consistently accurate data, even in extreme conditions.

Skylo delivers reliable coverage that allows customers to send and receive critical 2-way messaging, receive alerts, and continuously transmit valuable sensor data including location, temperature, vibration, and much more, even where no cellular network exists. The Skylo Hub is a small, rugged terminal that reads sensors and transmits data to the Skylo Satellite Network. Easily manageable through the Skylo Data Platform, mobile or desktop, users are armed with the ability to take immediate and appropriate action to improve their business.

“Skylo’s unique IoT technology enables us to provide a joint solution that takes advantage of the synergy between our companies to make cutting-edge fuel monitoring accessible to more businesses across a huge range of industries, sizes and locations,” concludes Mohit Mehrotra.


OMNICOMM is a global telematics expert with over 20 years of experience in fuel and fleet management solutions. The fleet management solutions include high precision fuel-level sensors with an accuracy of 99.5%, terminals, displays and Omnicomm Online fuel management solutions. These products are equipped in more than 1,2 million vehicles across 110 countries across: logistics and transportation, construction, heavy machinery, mining, oil & gas, telecom and smart cities.


Skylo Technologies brings disruptively affordable, always-on IoT connectivity to millions of machines, sensors, and devices, even in the most remote places on Earth. Skylo is disruptively affordable — costing 95% less than today’s satellite connectivity — and is the first company to leverage the cellular Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) protocol for satellite communications. Skylo can connect sensors on equipment and machines in remote areas across a wide range of industries, including farming, fishing, logistics, railways, and more.

Manmee Bhuyan
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NGDATA Joins Growing Ecosystem of Partners Supporting the IBM Cloud for Financial Services

NGDATA Company Logo

NGDATA Uses IBM Cloud for Financial Services to Help Customers Accelerate Transactions with Financial Institutions in a Highly-Secured Environment 

This partnership solves a challenge many clients deal with. Cloud compliance is a big undertaking, and hosting our IEP on the IBM Cloud for Financial Services speeds up the adoption of our platform.”

— Jens Ponnet, Chief Growth Officer NGDATA

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, June 16, 2021 / — NGDATA, a customer data platform that drives one-to-one customer engagement, today announced it has joined IBM’s (NYSE: IBM) growing ecosystem of more than 100 Global Systems Integrators (GSIs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), SaaS providers, and FinTechs supporting the IBM Cloud for Financial Services. The IBM Cloud for Financial Services Framework is designed to address risk in the digital supply chain through a common set of security controls that are adhered to by the entire ecosystem.

A growing portion of the $1 trillion hybrid cloud market opportunity is comprised of the financial markets industry, which is expected to increase nearly twenty percent by 2024.[1] Key findings in a recent IBM internal analysis suggests that Cloud is expected to account for about 60% of that future market opportunity as financial institutions are accelerating innovation to meet heightened customer expectations, deliver consistent services in the face of challenges like the global pandemic, and navigate the ever-complex regulatory environment.[2]

NGDATA offers an Intelligent Engagement Platform (IEP), a pre-packaged solution tailored to financial services, that builds rich customer data profiles to create personalized customer experiences via real-time interaction management. The IEP stores first-party data and insights in a highly secured environment and adheres to compliance regulations by leveraging the IBM Cloud for Financial Services to help enable faster implementation and a shorter time to value.

The industry’s first financial services-ready cloud, the IBM Cloud for Financial Services uses IBM’s fourth generation confidential computing capabilities and “Keep Your Own Key” encryption delivered via IBM Hyper Protect to help partners and their customers retain control of their data and transact with financial institutions in a secure environment. The IBM Cloud for Financial Services Framework is designed to reduce third- and fourth-party risk in the digital supply chain through a common set of controls and processes that are adhered to by the entire ecosystem. The built-in controls are engineered to help customers accelerate innovation, unlock new revenue opportunities, and decrease the cost of compliance.

"We are excited to collaborate on the IBM Cloud for Financial Services to help solve the regulatory pain points we encounter with current and future financial services customers,” said Jens Ponnet, Chief Growth Officer, NGDATA. “Maintaining cloud compliance and security is crucial for every bank that wants to migrate mission-critical workloads to the cloud. Hosting NGDATA’s IEP on the IBM Cloud for Financial Services speeds adoption of our platform.”

“We designed the IBM Cloud for Financial Services with a control framework to help financial institutions accelerate hybrid cloud adoption and drive revenue growth while addressing their need for a secure and compliant partner ecosystem,” said Brendan Kinkade, Vice President, Technology and Hybrid Cloud Partnerships, IBM. “By collaborating on the IBM Cloud for Financial Services, partners like NGDATA can transact with financial institutions on their journey to modernization.”

NGDATA is part of IBM's partner ecosystem collaborating on the IBM Cloud for Financial Services to help partners accelerate transactions with financial services institutions. The IBM Cloud for Financial Services is designed to help financial services institutions as they address their requirements for their regulatory compliance, security, and resiliency. IBM’s partner ecosystem is fueling its hybrid cloud platform by accelerating cloud adoption to drive client digital transformation. 

[2] IBM Global Market View, Banking and Financial Markets Industry Markets Opportunity, March 2021.
Note: This report is based on internal IBM analysis and is not meant to be a statement of direction by IBM nor is IBM committing to any particular technology or solution. 

Jurgen Desmedt
+32 474 82 35 25
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WEYTEC launches ultraFLEX Nano PC

ultraFLEX Nano PC

ultraFLEX Nano PC

Nano PC in desk chassis

Nano PC in desk chassis



The Nano PC is ideal for mission-critical workplaces in 24/7 control rooms and trading floors with KVM solutions

UNTERENGSTRINGEN, ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, June 16, 2021 / — WEY Technology (WEYTEC), a leading global KVM-over-IP specialist, introduces its latest product: the ultraFLEX Nano PC for mission-critical business environments. This compact and highly efficient Nano PC enhances system reliability and contributes to Green IT.

All WEYTEC ultraFLEX PCs are built for 24/7 operations. Thanks to low noise and heat emissions, the Nano PC can be installed both at the desk and in the system room. The ultra-slim design fits into a standalone chassis or in a standard 19'' chassis with up to a total of 16 Nano PCs.

The Nano PC is a little powerhouse, offering maximum computing speed with modest power consumption. Each device supports up to two screens and 4K resolutions. The Nano PC has two Gigabit Ethernet ports and redundant power supplies (optional).

The ultraFLEX Nano PC is now available through WEYTEC entities and partners worldwide.

WEY Technology is a Swiss-based global information technology company. For over 35 years, WEYTEC is the KVM-over-IP specialist for integrated workplace solutions on trading floors and in control rooms in the public safety, utilities, traffic management and aviation sectors. WEYTEC makes it possible to switch, distribute and display all information sources in any combination to an unlimited number of desks, video walls and screens – in real time.
WEYTEC is a one-stop supplier that develops and manufactures virtually all its KVM products and solutions in-house. First-class components, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and Swiss workmanship guarantee the flawless quality of WEYTEC products and solutions. WEYTEC – do it smart.

Sharmon Greenky
WEY Technology AG
+41 44 751 89 40
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Sagacious IP & Collaborate to Help Technology Buyers and Suppliers with Technology Intelligence

Sagacious IP and Collaborate to Help Technology Buyers and Suppliers with Technology Intelligence

Sagacious IP Logo

Sagacious IP Logo New

Sagacious IP logo

GURUGRAM, HARYANA, INDIA, June 16, 2021 / — Sagacious IP, an award-winning global IP research and consulting firm, and, the fastest growing technology platform for the energy transition, have announced their collaboration to help Technology Buyers and Suppliers with technology intelligence. With this intelligence, existing and emerging technologies can be discovered that meet the business needs of end-users.

While the discovery and evaluation of technologies may appear easy, it is a daunting challenge that often requires technical expertise. Understanding this challenge, and Sagacious IP have decided to join hands and add wide technology coverage and technical research capabilities to the expert network of the Technology Platform.

“ is a fast-growing technology platform enabling technology users to discover and deploy sustainable technologies. Global patent and non-patent literature can be instrumental in discovering technologies that serve the requirements of’s end users. I believe that Sagacious IP’s multi-domain expertise in technology research and analytics will add to the strong global expert network in advising Technology end users and suppliers alike,” stated Faiz Wahid, Regional Head – Europe, Sagacious IP.

“ today already has over 700 registered technologies, and our target is to reach 1,500 by the end of this year, and >20,000 in a few years from now. The platform already has >300 verified end-user companies. Through this partnership, Sagacious IP can provide technology intelligence to Technology Catalogue buyers as well as suppliers to help them evaluate different technology solutions”, Erik Nijveld,, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, said.

About Sagacious IP
Sagacious IP is an award-winning IP research solutions provider working with the world’s largest companies, law firms, institutions, research organizations, and inventors to help them monetize, defend, and expand their patent portfolios and drive innovation within their industries. For more information visit:


With over 700 technologies and 70,000 unique users of the platform, supports the energy transition by providing a platform that bridges the gap between technology suppliers, end-users and experts, and facilitates technological innovations towards a more sustainable energy sector.

Sagacious Advanced Research Center Inc.
Sagacious Research Private Limited
+1 213-286-6088
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Sustainable Energy Council Announces World Hydrogen Advisory Board of Industry Leaders

SEC Hydrogen Advisory Board

SEC Hydrogen Advisory Board

The sustainable events, business council & training provider announced group of global energy & hydrogen CEOs, who support SEC World Hydrogen Series of Events.

LONDON, UK, June 16, 2021 / — In line with the recent and much-needed global momentum towards low carbon hydrogen energy, the Sustainable Energy Council enlisted the group of leaders to give focus to the World Hydrogen Event Series proceedings to ensure that key industry challenges and opportunities are addressed, enabling participants to take relevant, informed decisions which will drive further collaboration and accelerate the hydrogen industry roll-out world-wide.

The founding members of the SEC World Hydrogen Advisory Board are:

• Allard Castelein, President & CEO, Port of Rotterdam Authority
• Paul Bogers, Vice President – Hydrogen, Royal Dutch Shell
• Andrew Horvath, Global Group Chairman, Star Scientific Limited
• Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, Secretary General, Hydrogen Europe
• Max Correa Achurra, Head of the Fuels & New Energy Division, Ministry of Energy, Chile
• Noé van Hulst, Chair at IPHE, Hydrogen Advisor at IEA & Gasunie
• Horst H. Mahmoudi, CEO & Executive Chairman, Smartenergy
• David Burns, VP Clean Energy, Linde

Hydrogen is widely seen as a key element in the global race towards Net Zero. The Sustainable Energy Council World Hydrogen series of events bring together governments and companies across the entire supply chain to enhance global partnerships and ensure hydrogen plays a pivotal role in the energy transition.

Allard Castelein, President & CEO, Port of Rotterdam said: “The energy transition is a fascinating journey. Finding the best route towards a net zero economy, we have to learn from one another and set up new partnerships. Rotterdam has the ambition to become Europe’s largest hydrogen hub, and it is my pleasure to participate in this Advisory Board.”

Paul Bogers, Vice President – Hydrogen, Royal Dutch Shell: “As hydrogen continues to rapidly accelerate into the mainstream of the energy sector, it is now critical that everyone in the industry comes together in order to help create the conditions for the successful delivery of a global hydrogen market. At Shell this means continuing to work with our peers across the industry, which is why I am delighted to become a founding member of the SEC World Hydrogen Advisory board. I am excited to get to work with my fellow board members to drive the conversation forward and help hydrogen play its role in reaching net zero emissions globally.”

Andrew Horvath, Global Group Chairman, Star Scientific Limited said: “Star Scientific is honoured to be invited to join this prestigious board. It is welcome recognition of our Hydrogen Energy Release Optimiser, or HERO, which companies and governments around the world are recognising as the missing link in the demand case for hydrogen deployment, without combustion, for industrial heating and energy purposes. We are also proud to be asked to bring the Australasian perspective to the Sustainable Energy Council’s deliberations on hydrogen.”

Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, Secretary General, Hydrogen Europe said: “I am honoured to be a founding member of the SEC World Hydrogen Advisory Board among such esteemed experts in the field. Hydrogen Europe is committed to provide a significant contribution, bringing together stakeholders from across the whole hydrogen value chain. Our collective efforts will enable meaningful exchanges on the future of the EU energy system and the role of clean hydrogen.”

Max Correa Achurra, Head of the Fuels & New Energy Division, Ministry of Energy, Chile said: “Chile is rich in renewable energies, which combined with our robust institutions, transparent and non-discriminatory regulation, and advanced energy markets, will unlock the potential to produce the cheapest green hydrogen on the planet. To exploit the full potential of this clean energy carrier, we have laid out a National Green Hydrogen Strategy that sets ambitious goals. Attracting international sources of financing for these projects, public-private cooperation and dialogue is key to understand and reduce critical barriers for hydrogen deployment. I look forward to working with the SEC Hydrogen Advisory Board to bring our perspectives to the table and continue enhancing crucial international cooperation.”

Noé van Hulst, Chair at IPHE, Hydrogen Advisor at IEA & Gasunie said: “The global momentum for clean hydrogen is incredibly strong, as we can see from the increasing number of countries with hydrogen strategies and public funding commitments, as well as the private sector investment appetite. What we need now, is the appropriate regulatory framework to scale-up clean hydrogen rapidly and de-risk the huge private investment required. We also need smart policies that aim at creating integrated markets and facilitate the entire value chain across borders, including infrastructure and storage. I am happy to join this advisory board.”

Horst H. Mahmoudi, CEO & Executive Chairman, Smartenergy said: “We are committed to decarbonize. Through our strong engagement in the development and structuring of renewable hydrogen projects we have gained substantial practical experience on how to unleash the potential of green H2 projects and how to overcome the roadblocks. I am thrilled and honoured to be among the founding members of the SEC World Hydrogen Advisory Board.”

David Burns, VP Clean Energy, Linde said: “As the world is shifting toward a new energy system where hydrogen is set to play a key role, it is paramount to create programs that promote the dialogue between industry stakeholders. This is necessary at both a regional and a global level, and in ways that contribute to the creation of a robust knowledge base focused on the many ways hydrogen can help reach the Paris Accord goals. With over 100 years of experience in the field, Linde is well-equipped to support this mission and I am personally very glad to be part of the founding members of the SEC World Hydrogen Advisory Board, along with other well-known leaders in the energy industry.”

Chris Hugall, Managing Director of the Sustainable Energy Council said: “We’re delighted to welcome these leading experts as the founding members of the SEC World Hydrogen Advisory Board. I look forward to working closely with the Board ensuring SEC continues to deliver highly relevant, solution-focused programmes facilitating international collaboration and access to the latest hydrogen information and business opportunities.”

Find out more about the SEC World Hydrogen Advisory Board and its members here:

Catalina Zuliani
Sustainable Energy Council
+44 20 7978 0049
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Greenpenny Expands its Solar System Lending Services into Missouri

greenpenny bank logo. Greenpenny is a virtual and carbon-neutral bank.

Greenpenny is a virtual carbon-neutral bank dedicated to financing a sustainable tomorrow.

Greenpenny expands its renewable energy financing services into Missouri to help communities power their homes, businesses, non-profits, and farms.

At greenpenny, we strive to make it easy to adopt solar energy generation by offering fast, easy, and affordable financing to help buyers make smart investments in their property. ”

— Jason MacDuff, greenpenny V.P.

MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, June 16, 2021 / — Greenpenny announced the expansion of its renewable energy financing services into the state of Missouri. The move allows greenpenny to help communities in Missouri finance solar energy systems to power their homes, businesses – small and large, non-profits, and farms.

Why Solar?
“We know that many Missourians view renewable energy as a vital link to tackling fiscal and environmental issues,” says greenpenny V.P., Jason MacDuff. “At greenpenny, we strive to make it easy to adopt solar energy generation by offering fast, easy, and affordable financing to help buyers make smart investments in their property. Whether the appeal of solar systems is their climate stewardship, economic benefits – or both – greenpenny is here to help finance projects in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and now Missouri.”

The combination of federal tax incentives and competitive financing terms makes converting to solar through greenpenny’s lending services comparable to swapping a monthly utility bill for a solar system loan payment. Once the loan is paid in full, potential exists for meaningful savings.

“We’re committed to keeping our lending rates and terms reasonable for our borrowers,” said MacDuff. “In this way, we hope to encourage significant solar energy adoption at an affordable cost, while providing for a more breathable planet."

Where You Bank Matters
People across the nation can also bank with virtual, carbon neutral greenpenny. Customers enjoy competitive rates, features and experiences with greenpenny’s Checking and Savings Accounts, and CD’s. Money deposited in greenpenny is secure, earns interest, and is only used to finance renewable energy projects like solar – no fossil fuels. Customers open accounts online and access hi-tech online and mobile banking platforms with zero ATM fees worldwide – ever! And greenpenny bankers are just a phone call away at 888-GPENNY0 (888-473-6690).

“Financing a sustainable tomorrow is the sole mission of greenpenny,” added MacDuff. “The more people with us on our mission, the more we can do our part to create a more sustainable environment together.”

For additional information on residential or commercial solar systems financing, or banking services, please visit or dial 888-GPENNY0 (888-473-6690).

About greenpenny
Greenpenny is a virtual and carbon-neutral bank dedicated to financing a sustainable tomorrow. Greenpenny, powered by Decorah Bank & Trust Co. in Iowa, is employee-owned and has a decades-long commitment to positive environmental practices. Visit greenpenny at or by calling 888-GPENNY0. Member FDIC.

Greenpenny Key-Points
• From a community with one of the highest solar energy adoption rates, per capita, in the nation.
• Residential and commercial solar financing is available in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin.
• Deposit services are FDIC Insured and available for people across the nation. Money deposited in greenpenny is secure, earns interest, and is only used to finance renewable energy projects – no fossil fuels.
• Customers access easy-to-use, hi-tech online and mobile banking platforms with zero ATM fees worldwide – ever. And greenpenny bankers are available at 888- GPENNY0 (888-473-6690).
• In the last five years, our Bank has financed hundreds of commercial and residential solar loan projects. And we would like to do a lot more!
• We want to be a catalyst for positive change by helping people use their money as their voice for fiscal and environmental advocacy.

Media Inquiries
Katrina Brickley, Communications Director AVP,, 563-387-6757. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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Be A Bright Light In Your Community – Sustainable Banking With greenpenny

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The CRM and Selling System Interrupter

Sales Control Plan Management take Sales Management and Training to a Whole New Level

Forecasting and sales probability are fictional concepts and metrics in CRM. It is time to take selling out of the dark ages.”

— Edward Henry

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 16, 2021 / — Many sales managers and sales directors are searching for ways to make the best of every opportunity in their pipeline. Most often this begins with painful sales meetings where sales reps share stories to explain the probability of a closed sale based on their intuition of the overall engagement between themselves and their customer. Many managers have attempted to implement additional metrics and accountability to provide transparency to a pipeline that often results in opportunities going cold due to inactivity, with little result. Sales training is routinely general and not focused as most training companies do not know how to evaluate for specific needs. This is the current reactive procedure of managing personalities instead of process that most, if not all, sales managers are experiencing.

With the launch of Sales Control Plan Management, we can say with confidence that this type of process failure is over. Your company will benefit from complete pipeline transparency with Sales Pulse. Sales Pulse will provide the sales representative and manager with trend lines from prospecting to close for every opportunity in your pipeline. When opportunities lose engagement, Sales Pulse will trigger an alert prompting pre-emptive action from Sales Defense which will determine the corrective based on each customer’s engagement, sales stage, and activity history.

Accurate sales training metrics will be established after baseline implementation. Collection of baseline performance determines the need for sales training, where the sales representative is struggling based on performance reports, not management instincts. Training notifications are issued immediately to the sales representative and the manager informing them of the training alert and books the sales rep into training on Sales Control Plan Management’s training system. Training system will consist of the client’s modified sales manual which is reflective of the sales waste assessments available on Sales Control Plan Management.

We are also in the process of making Sales Control Plan Management a white label program. This program will be for sales trainers who are looking to offer a series of sales resources that benefit every company that is currently selling over longer sales cycles with multiple touchpoints. Sales Control Plan Licensing will be made available August 2021.

Edward Henry
Edward Henry Company
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