Imaginationeering provides an alternative that enhances high-cycle service condition analysis

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 16, 2021 / — Imaginationeering announces that it has unveiled multiple finite element analysis services (FEA). These will push code limits and produce more cost-cutting designs – all while decreasing stress on equipment. This stress decrease will increase equipment and plant service life.

Imaginationeering allows companies to plan and scrutinize multiple systems with dependable safety factors, saving a lot of time and money. By supporting Simulation-Driven Product Development (SDPD) using finite element analysis services (FEA), Imaginationeering enables companies to predict product specifications promptly.

Many manufactures agree that predicting product specifications early on in the design phase reduces manufacturing time drastically. Software simulations supported by FEA are a key priority since they provide pinpoint numerical analysis that solves engineering and mathematical model snags. The partial differential equations in two or three space variables that were a challenge are a thing of the past. FEA now breaks through them with a set numerical method. This cutting-edge technology boosts packaging functionality and sustainability, reshaping how industries approach manufacturing.

SDPD is beneficial as it allows engineers to be more innovative since they think more freely on new design ideas. Quick, creative thinking shortens design cycle timeframes and increases product speed to market as it identifies probable glitches. Quickly reacting to design changes creates an understanding with customers. “FEA helps you create a virtual image of your product. It also shows parameters like the pressure applied to various parts of your equipment while functioning,” said Francois Martin, Director at Imaginationeering. “As Virtual Simulation is the first visual representation of your product, it gives you a peek into its outlook in terms of shape, dimension, and functionality. Thus, you can perceive how your product will work in a real environment and use this insight as a stepping stone for a successful product. The team at Imaginationeering appreciates entrepreneurs who put forth the efforts to venture into the unknown world of business. Therefore, we are more than happy to help in these endeavors by providing the best product design and prototyping services. FEA consulting and simulations are officially at your door.”

Imaginationeering is a design solution company located at 2909 Paul Quinn St Houston, Texas. The company has a diverse fusion of creative and technical minds focused on making the company’s clients successful. Imaginationeering collectively fosters a culture of collaboration and accountability among its employees to push themselves and their clients to new heights. Imaginationeering has guided many inventors and companies alike through all the product development phases of conceptualization, designing, engineering, and prototyping. Imaginationeering’s engineering services help inventors and entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality. It also supports various people who have great everyday ideas without the experience to bring them to life. It thus provides its clients with everything they need to successfully get their opinions onto the market, as products, through professional engineering services. Its engineers have extensive hands-on experience, having worked with some of the biggest companies in Houston. Therefore, they are in a prime position to help large companies and startups achieve their goals in minimal time. You imagine it, the company engineers it! Visit the company’s website at to check out the best FEA consulting and simulation services.


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Rod Campbell Joins aDolus as CEO

Seasoned financial and advisory executive to drive growth

The technology aDolus has developed is a must-have solution for ICS vendors who are facing a rapidly growing threat to their software supply chains.”

— Rod Campbell

VICTORIA, BC, CANADA, June 15, 2021 / — aDolus Technology Inc., a global authority on software intelligence for critical infrastructure, today announced the addition of Rod Campbell as CEO.

As CEO, Campbell will lead the company through its next stage of growth, developing new channels to market, expanding the sales organization, and managing relationships with key investors and customers. Campbell has deep financial experience across multiple industries and brings a passion for team building and strategic planning. Campbell takes over the CEO role from noted cybersecurity veteran and aDolus founder, Eric Byres, who will focus on his role as CTO.

“I’m delighted to welcome Rod to the team and, frankly, can’t wait to really focus on the technology side of the business,” said Byres. “Rod’s background in finance, M&A’s, and entrepreneurial environments makes him a perfect fit for growing the company. I’m an engineer at heart and the work our R&D team is doing on software supply chain security, artificial intelligence, and machine learning is really groundbreaking.”

aDolus provides a platform for brokering security information regarding industrial control system (ICS) and IoT software and firmware. The platform, called FACT, aggregates information on the software created by manufacturers of intelligent devices used in regulated and critical industries. It then issues a trustworthiness score for software. It also provides advanced analysis tools and the ability to create a software bill of materials (SBOM).

“aDolus is poised to make the leap to a broader engagement with critical systems providers and I look forward to building the team to enable that growth,” said Campbell. “The technology aDolus has developed is a must-have solution for ICS vendors who are facing a rapidly growing threat to their software supply chains. The recent U.S. executive order on cybersecurity from the Biden administration is applying additional pressure on vendors as well. Fortunately, aDolus has the right solution at the right time to make ICS supply chain security easier and faster.”

Campbell’s executive background includes his role as a Director and CEO of Jones Brown Inc., a Canadian Insurance Broker with over $190M in annual premiums acquired by Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. (NYSE:AJG); Chairman of Apri Group Benefits, one of Canada's largest independent group benefits consulting firms acquired by People Corporation (TSXV:PEO); President & CEO at Clarus Securities Inc., a private investment dealer; and Managing Partner at VRG Capital. Early in his career, Rod spent a decade at CIBC and has an MBA from the University of British Columbia.

Norma Dowler
aDolus Technology Inc.
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Best ABT & Best Cyclotron Systems of TeamBest Global Introduce a New Novel B3d Low Energy Proton/Deuteron Cyclotron

TeamBest Global Companies logo —

TeamBest Global Companies logo —

Best ABT Molecular Imaging logo —

Best ABT Molecular Imaging logo —

Best Cyclotron Systems logo —

Best Cyclotron Systems logo —

New Novel Best Model B3d Sub-Compact Low Energy Proton/Deuteron Cyclotron

New Novel Best Model B3d Sub-Compact Low Energy Proton/Deuteron Cyclotron

Best Cure Foundation logo —

Best Cure Foundation —

Best ABT & Best Cyclotron Systems Introduce a New Novel B3d Low Energy Proton/Deuteron Cyclotron for Material Science Research & Other Applications

BEIJING, CHINA, June 15, 2021 / — Over the last several years, TeamBest Global (TBG) Companies have developed a series of cyclotrons for medical, industrial and research applications. Recently TBG Companies have developed a Sub-Compact Low Energy 3 MeV Proton/Deuteron Cyclotron for research applications in material sciences. The new materials applications cyclotron is a self-shielded unit weighing about 2 tons and occupying a small footprint. It still accomplishes an important role as a novel tool for materials science research and development. There have been a number of inquiries about the availability of materials science cyclotrons, and now there is a New B3d Cyclotron that addresses these needs.

The Best Model B3d Sub-Compact Cyclotron Characteristics are given below:
– Accelerated Proton Particle: 1 to 6 MeV Energy, Maximum Beam Current of 2µA
– Accelerated Deuteron Particle: 1 to 3 MeV Energy, Maximum Beam Current of 2µA

Some of the other salient features of this cyclotron system include:
– External analysis vacuum chamber included
– Beam envelope at sample position >2 mm
– System is self-shielded
– Small footprint (less than 5 m x 5 m)
– Includes sample and detector chamber
– Automated turn-on and turn-off control sequences
– Remote monitoring for diagnostics and scheduled maintenance

TBG Companies will customize this cyclotron to suit medical/industrial/research applications and needs.

TeamBest Global (TBG) Companies and Best Cure Foundation (BCF) are planning to establish hundreds of cyclotrons and other systems worldwide for Radioisotope Production, Research, Green Energy, etc., and operate them for more efficient Medical Diagnosis/Treatment/Research and Green Energy Developments.

For more information about TeamBest Global Companies, Best Cyclotron Systems, Best ABT Molecular Imaging, Best NOMOS and Best Cure Foundation, please visit:

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TeamBest Global Companies & Best Cure Foundation
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INEOS Signs Worldwide Agreement to use Antea’s Risk Based Inspection Asset Integrity Software

INEOS signs an agreement approving Antea RBI and IDMS software for the chemical asset integrity management of its sites around the world. Learn more!

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2021 / — Antea, a global leader for 32 years in risk-based asset integrity management (AIM) software with 3D digital twin integration, has officially entered into a worldwide frame agreement with the leading chemical company, INEOS. INEOS sought a worldwide multi-business agreement that could provide RBI and IDMS software for sites and businesses around the world to streamline compliance. They determined the Antea Platform, with its certified API 581-compliant RBI and comprehensive IDMS module, to be a robust, reliable solution that adheres to their requirements.
The contract takes effect on April 1, 2021 and will be valid for at least 3 years. INEOS ultimately placed their faith in Antea for the fair pricing, globally trusted presence, extensive and flexible software functionalities, and professionalism of the team.

This agreement is yet another in a recent string of announcements from the company that demonstrate Antea’s growing expansion globally and into North America. This approval by a global leader in the chemical sector demonstrates Antea’s excellent understanding of the asset integrity needs for chemical companies and the caliber of the inspection data management tools it provides them.

About Antea
Antea specializes in highly flexible RBI-driven asset integrity management software solutions with 3D digital twin integration. Since 1989, we have used the synergy of integrated services with highly flexible software to facilitate digital transformation for oil & gas, power generation, and petrochemical plants — ensuring that your business is equipped with the most advanced technologies. Our philosophy is built around delivering a sustainable database at the forefront of digital innovation in an economically feasible way for our customers. Protecting our clients’ investments is paramount.

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QuantHub and Create Data Upskilling Partnership to Increase Data Literacy

QuantHub and announce a strategic partnership to expand QuantHub’s data literacy training with content from Data Literacy.

Through this partnership, learners now have access to Data Literacy’s content in the QuantHub platform, delivered in a bite-sized format that easily fits into an employee’s daily work”

— Matt Cowell, CEO of QuantHub

BIRMINGHAM, AL, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2021 / — — QuantHub, a leading data upskilling and assessment platform, and, an expert in data literacy training, announce a strategic partnership to expand QuantHub’s data literacy training with content from Data Literacy. By leveraging Data Literacy’s deep content library with QuantHub’s platform delivering micro-learning in the flow of work, companies will have the best data literacy content available delivered in an easy upskilling solution.

“We are thrilled to bring the expert knowledge and learning content of Ben Jones and Data Literacy to QuantHub customers,” said Matt Cowell, QuantHub CEO. “Through this partnership, learners now have access to Data Literacy’s content in the QuantHub platform, delivered in a bite-sized format that easily fits into an employee’s daily work.”

“Through this partnership with QuantHub, Data Literacy is excited to be able to provide our mutual clients with our world class training programs in a more bite-sized and personalized fashion,” says Ben Jones, CEO of Data Literacy. “We recognize that different people learn in different ways and have varying gaps in knowledge and skills, and this partnership will allow for us to custom tailor our content to the learner.”
Learners can create a free individual account at QuantHub Upskill.

About QuantHub:
QuantHub helps companies deliver on the power of AI by providing tools to hire and upskill a high-performing workforce. QuantHub’s custom skill assessments and data challenges make it easy for companies to evaluate candidates quickly and with confidence. And, QuantHub’s modern upskilling platform is focused exclusively on building advanced analytics and data literacy skills across the enterprise in the flow of work. For more information, visit

About Data Literacy:
At Data Literacy, our mission is to help people learn the language of data. The vast majority of people in the world today do not receive a formal education that adequately prepares them for the level of data fluency required of them in their careers and by their communities. To help our customers become more data literate, we design, implement and continuously improve cost-effective training and certification programs that we deliver online, on-site and on-demand. We aim to demystify data, and to make the learning experience fun and enjoyable. A main tenet of our offerings is that data simply provides a lens into our world and our humanity. For more information, visit

Heather Fox

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NNPC, Egbin To Boost Gas-To-Power, Energy Transition

Sahara Group’s Wale Ajibade, WAGL Energy Ltd’s, Ijeoma Isichei; Chairman, Egbin Power, Temitope Shonubi, Company Secretary, Egbin Power, Ejiro Gray, COO, NNPC, Yusuf Usman, & MD WAGL Energy Ltd Emmanuel Ubani in Egbin Power Plant

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and Egbin Power Plc have pledged to collaborate towards ensuring sustainable power supply in Nigeria

We are mindful of our carbon footprint and continue to operate in compliance with global standards to ensure our energy is clean and our environment preserved for future generations”

— Temitope Shonubi, Chairman, Egbin Power Plc

LAGOS, NIGERIA, June 15, 2021 / —
The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and Egbin Power Plc have pledged to collaborate towards ensuring sustainable power supply and boosting Nigeria’s energy transition through optimisation of gas-to-power initiatives.

The Chief Operating Officer, Gas and Power, NNPC, Yusuf Usman and Chairman, Board of Directors, Egbin Power Plc, Temitope Shonubi, announced both organisation’s commitment to transforming the power sector during a facility visit by the NNPC team to the power plant on Monday in Lagos. With installed capacity of 1,320MW, Egbin Power is the largest privately run thermal power plant in sub-Saharan Africa.

Usman said the NNPC was committed to deepening gas utilisation in Nigeria, adding that the turn-around of Egbin Power post privatization was very impressive and indicative of the expertise and huge investment injected by the Sahara Group into transforming the thermal power plant.

“This visit has been an eye opener for me. We have seen turbines that have been running for over 40 years and still performing optimally through the efforts of Egbin management and employees to achieve a turnaround at the plant through overhaul of the entire system. This is a huge plus for the privatization exercise and positions Egbin to play a leading role as we work towards energy transition using gas which is a clean fuel that we have in abundance in Nigeria.”

Usman assured the power plant of the support of the NNPC, adding, “I have listened to the concerns you raised, particularly, regarding transmission restrictions. I am aware that works are ongoing in this regard to ensure that all the power we generate is safely evacuated.”

Shonubi said Egbin Power Plc had developed a robust strategy for its Phase Two investment expansion plan that is projected to add between 1,750 megawatts (MW) and 1,900MW to Nigeria’s power generation pool. He explained that Egbin’s operations were guided by an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. “We are mindful of our carbon footprint and continue to operate in compliance with global standards to ensure our energy is clean and our environment preserved for future generations.”

He noted that huge investments and consistent overhauls of the system had played a critical role in increasing its generation capacity “consistently and sustainably” since the plant was acquired in 2013.

He said: “Egbin has 1,320MW capacity. As of the time we took over, the plant was generating 300MW which is abysmal 22 percent. As of today, our generation capacity has surged, and we are doing 89 percent. We hit generation peak of 970MW this year despite challenges many thanks to expertise and dedication of our employees and support of our stakeholders. We are delighted at the tireless commitment of our employees to our vision of lighting up Nigeria and ultimately, Africa.”

Shonubi also acknowledged the support of stakeholders including the NNPC, Central Bank of Nigeria, the Power Ministry, Banks, Transmission Company of Nigeria, regulatory authorities, and the entire power sector, noting that multi-stakeholder collaboration remained critical to delivering uninterrupted power supply in Nigeria.

Bethel Obioma
Sahara Group
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Resiliency Hub Provides Safe Haven in Blackouts for Maryland Low and Moderate Income Residents

St. Jude School photo credit: Google Earth

Rooftop solar array at St. Jude School

BALTIMORE, MD, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2021 / — St. Jude Regional Catholic School, located in Rockville, has expanded their services to the community through vital energy upgrades to become a resiliency hub. A resiliency hub provides community support in the event of a blackout due to a weather emergency or natural disaster by powering key equipment with clean, resilient energy. St. Jude’s resiliency hub is the first to open under the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) Resiliency Hub Program which was designed to serve Maryland’s low-to-moderate income (LMI) residents and is funded via the Strategic Energy Investment Fund which MEA administers. SPH Solutions LLC received a grant award of $263,000.00 to support the energy enhancements at the school.

“Expanding relief options for residents impacted by a power grid outage is a paramount health and safety issue,” stated Mary Beth Tung, MEA Director. “Having a building in the community with sustained electrical power can ensure at-risk people are safe in overheated or freezing apartments, temperature sensitive medications are preserved, and communications are maintained.”

Surrounded by neighborhoods, there is a sizable LMI community nearby and approximately 15% of these residents have a median income of about $50,000 (data from based on 2000-2020 data). The resiliency hub has the ability to service about 3,000 residents who live easily within walking distance to the hub. Some residents may only use the hub for a short period of time, long enough to charge their cell phone. Other residents may utilize the hub for longer periods of time to run medical equipment if necessary.

The resiliency hub consists of a solar panel system of 335.35 kilowatt (kW) and a 260 kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery storage system. This integrated system and advanced controllers enables the stored battery power to be used during a grid outage. The solar panels will refill the battery during daylight hours. This renewable energy system enables the hub to function off the grid, keeping residents safe and comfortable until power has been restored to the community. The hub provides heating and cooling, lighting, and power for small appliances such as cell phones or durable medical equipment, and as well as refrigeration for temperature sensitive medication.

“SPH Solutions is pleased to partner with St. Jude’s Regional Catholic School and the Maryland Energy Administration to provide the Rockville community with the first resiliency hub in the State of Maryland,” stated Jim Donlan, President SPH Solutions. “The Hub will provide a safe, secure, comfortable place for the local residents to come during sustained power outages in order to recharge their electronic devices. The hub runs solely on green energy; we hope that this project can inspire the community to make a conscious effort to look at the impact they have on the environment,” concluded Donlan.

St. Jude utilized a power purchase agreement for this project and is the resiliency hub site owner and operator, while the system installer, SPH Solutions, LLC, owns the system. MEA is preparing its full range of programs for FY22, including resources for resiliency hubs, For more information on this program, visit the MEA Resiliency Hub grant page for information.

The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) advises the governor and general assembly on all energy matters, promoting affordable, reliable and cleaner energy. MEA develops and administers programs and policy to support and expand all sectors of the state’s economy while benefiting all Marylanders and implementing legislation.

Kaymie Owen
Maryland Energy Administration
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FPG to Upfit Ford’s New All-Electric F-150 Lightning and E-Transit Vans into Electric Emergency Response Vehicles

Combining the latest electric vehicle technology with industry leading expertise to deliver the market’s next generation of emergency response vehicles

Our sole priority has always been to focus on the needs and interests of our first responders”

— Alex Cherepakhov, CEO of First Priority Group

FLANDERS, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 15, 2021 / — First Priority Group (FPG), a diversified manufacturer, dealer, upfitter and service provider of emergency and specialty vehicles is pleased to announce the company is prepared to upfit the all-new, all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning and Ford E-Transit Vans for its emergency response partners including law enforcement, emergency medical services and fire departments and is accepting initial orders now.

For over 20 years, FPG has been serving emergency vehicle fleets and creating custom vehicle solutions to meet their needs. The company recently launched a new division, FPG Electrified (FPGe), which is focused on electrification of light- and medium-duty emergency and specialty vehicles and products. FPGe’s mission is to create an EV platform with first responders in mind. FPG has been involved in the vehicle electrification industry since 2015 and is combining its experience in emergency vehicle upfitting with its vehicle electrification expertise.

“FPG continues to focus on developing and delivering best in class solutions. We are extremely pleased and excited about adding FPGe’s solutions to the new electric vehicles for our core markets.” said Alex Cherepakhov, CEO of First Priority Group. “Our sole priority has always been to focus on the needs and interests of our first responders and as the industry begins to adopt the benefits of electric vehicle technology, we remain committed to working with our customers to ensure these new technologies meet their needs without compromise. FPGe looks forward and is excited about the new electric vehicle future and we are well-positioned to support the upcoming growth in our core markets.”

FPGe is incorporating the latest technologies and features into these new electric vehicles. To augment the electric vehicle functionality, FPGe’s product attributes will include increased reliability, enhanced telematics and monitoring, and additional AC power options. Using vehicle telematics and onboard datahubs, FPGe employs intelligence and data gathering methodologies to assess and report on vehicle and fleet performance.

Ford recently revealed its new all-electric line of vehicles for customers looking to transition to zero emissions vehicles. Ford’s F-150 and Transit platforms are ideally suited and broadly used in many emergency and specialty response fleets. The new electrified versions augmented with FPGe’s upfits will enable the industry to implement robust electric vehicles that have been professionally developed and are well supported by a major OEM.

As a thought leader in vehicle electrification, FPGe offers additional assistance by researching federal and state tax incentives as well as available grants for its partners. FPG Electrified also assists fleets from concept to execution including fleet configuration, charging infrastructure, vehicle-to-grid (V2G) integration, fleet data visibility, project management and energy storage among others.

As new technology and electric chassis begin shipping from Ford, FPGe invites our current and potential partners to inquire about the benefits, features and information on upfitting these electric vehicles into electric emergency response vehicles.

# # #

About First Priority Group: Established in 1998, First Priority Group (FPG) is a diversified manufacturer and dealer of emergency and specialty vehicles. FPG's Conversion Division is one of the largest upfitters of emergency command and specialty vehicles, providing custom solutions to law enforcement, emergency and commercial customers throughout the US. FPG’s EMS Division distributes new ambulances manufactured by the Demers Braun Crestline (DBC) group while manufacturing its own line of remounted ambulances. FPG Electrified was created to assist our fleet customers with an end-to-end solution to electrify their fleets and create a line of purpose-built electric emergency vehicles. Learn more at or call 1-800-526-5106.

Peter Sciara
First Priority Group
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Ranosys expands its OutSystems Practice to North America

Ranosys expands its OutSystems Practice to North America

Ranosys expands its OutSystems Practice to North America

Ranosys, a Singapore-based OutSystems Solutions Partner, is expanding its low-code systems integration practice to North America.

After our successful growth in the European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets, we are ready to expand our OutSystems Practice into North America.”

— Rameshwar Vyas, CEO of Ranosys

SANTA CLARA, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2021 / — As a part of their growth and expansion strategy, Ranosys, a Singapore-based OutSystems Solutions Partner, is expanding its low-code systems integration practice to North America.

As a certified OutSystems Solution Partner, Ranosys and its team of developers have helped many organizations achieve their digital transformation goals using the OutSystems' low-code technology platform. With OutSystems' growing success and Ranosys' credentials in developing enterprise applications, this partnership is ready to assist North American enterprises with their digital transformation journeys.

In the expansion plan discussions with Rameshwar Vyas, CEO of Ranosys, he shared that, "After our successful growth in the European, Middle Eastern and Asian markets, we are ready to expand our OutSystems Practice into North America."

He continued, "The North America low-code development market is witnessing a rapid growth rate with a CAGR of 23.4%. As a result, there is an increasing demand for systems integrators to accelerate the use of these development capabilities. By collaborating with the world's leading low-code development platform, OutSystems, we aim to deliver innovative solutions that help enable business transformation initiatives and achieve award-winning results."

OutSystems and its low-code technology has transformed enterprise application development and service delivery worldwide. Its powerful platform delivers enterprise level software that meets the dynamic consumer needs of today as well as the flexibility for the future. As a long-standing OutSystems Systems Integration Partner, Ranosys enables the robust features of the OutSystems platform with a team of architects, developers and UI/UX designers to meet the enterprise needs of both the B2B and B2C markets.

Discussing this expansion, Rob Davis, SVP, North America, said, "There is a huge gap between the demand for new digital solutions and the speed at which they can be delivered. Every organization requires fast and agile systems that adapt to new trends and help secure their position in an increasingly competitive landscape."

He further remarked, "OutSystems helps fulfill these digital transformation solution needs by enabling developers to quickly deliver the complex business requirements of today’s applications. Our expansion into North America will help bring low-code technology to this large market and help fill this solutions backlog. By aligning with OutSystems as a partner, we seek to position ourselves as a leading digital transformation organization that delivers high performance business solutions.”

In addition to being a world-class leader in digital technology solutions, Ranosys also serves clients with its product engineering and digital commerce solutions. Continuing this legacy of delivering quality and affordable solutions, Ranosys and OutSystems' partnership in North America will accelerate B2B and B2C growth, navigate the new normal and create high performing digital transformation experiences for customers and clients alike.

About OutSystems
OutSystems is a low-code platform which provides the tools for companies to develop, deploy and manage omnichannel enterprise applications. OutSystems was founded in 2001 in Lisbon, Portugal and is currently headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States, with offices in 11 countries.

About Ranosys
Ranosys is a global digital consulting company founded in 2008 in Singapore with 8 offices in the US, UK, Middle East, and APAC regions. They leverage the power of platform partnerships, experience design and cutting-edge software technologies to drive digital transformation, eCommerce, and product engineering initiatives. Ranosys can address each of the milestones in a company's digital transformation journey, including, planning, designing, developing, deploying and measuring digital capabilities.

For more information, visit
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Kali Charan Rajput
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Using Renewable Energy to Improve Global Supply Chain with Company-owned Solar Plant

Solar panels at VGL solar plant.

Solar panels at VGL solar plant.

Solar panels at VGL solar plant.

Solar panels at VGL solar plant.

65% of Shop LC products now made with 100% renewable energy

Our teams are continuously looking for innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint. The world needs to take climate change seriously.”

— Sunil Agrawal, Managing Director VGL

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2021 / — As companies focus on renewable energy strategies, Shop LC and its parent company, Vaibhav Global Limited (VGL), are taking emissions seriously by launching their own solar plants for two of their manufacturing facilities.


"This is an amazing achievement by the team. Each of these projects is progress," says Sunil Agrawal, Managing Director of VGL Global. "Our teams are continuously looking for innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint. The world needs to take climate change seriously. Each of us is doing our part to provide a sustainable planet for future generations.”

VGL is not only the parent to Shop LC, but also the primary manufacturer of product for the home shopping channel. The manufacturer creates about 65% of items sold by Shop LC. Every item sold provides a meal to a child in need through the Your Purchase Feeds program.

The focus on renewable energy and improved operation began in 2014. Solar panel were installed on the roof of the first manufacturing facility. Since then, the commitment has grown by commissioning a fully operational solar power generation project. The new plant takes VGL power capacity to 3.23 megawatts and will address 100% of power needs for the two facilities.

Surplus power will be donated to serve the needs of the local community.

“VGL supports Shop LC and we are making tremendous progress. Some projects are easier than others,” says Michelle Long, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for Shop LC. “For example, we are currently on the hunt for the ultimate sustainable packaging, if we crack this code, it will be a major win. Finding sustainable and eco-friendly solutions like this really add to our purpose of delivering joy "

About Shop LC
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Shop LC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vaibhav Global Ltd. (VGL), a vertically integrated company with global sourcing and manufacturing capabilities. Shop LC is a value-conscious, interactive retailer focused on the fine jewelry, beauty, fashion, home decor and lifestyle product categories. Established in 2007, Shop LC reaches approximately 73 million U.S. households via high-definition programming offered live 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. For more information visit and download the interactive app on iTunes, Google Play or many other streaming devices or televisions.

About Vaibhav Global Limited
Vaibhav Global Limited (VGL) is listed on stock exchanges in India (BSE: 532156, NSE: VAIBHAVGBL, ISIN – INE884A01019). VGL is an omni-channel E-retailer of fashion jewellery, accessories, and lifestyle products in developed markets with direct access to ~104 million households (FTE) through its TV home shopping networks – Shop LC in US and Shop TJC in UK. The Company’s ecommerce websites in the US and in the UK complement TV coverage and diversify customer engagement. VGL ranks 65th in Fortune India's Next 500 list 2021. The Company is committed to ‘Delivering Joy’ to all the stakeholders. Through its flagship One for One Program now “Your Purchase Feeds…” where a meal is provided for every piece sold at the retail channels, the Company has provided over 51 million meals in US, UK, and India since program inception.

Darren Bogus
Shop LC
+1 512-903-3021
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