TestOil Industrial Oil Analysis

TestOil is offering an oil analysis consultation service to increase the reliability and availability of machinery while minimizing maintenance costs.

There are many companies that are good candidates for this. All aspects of Consulting PRO can be customized. The customer is always in control of the direction of their program.”

— TestOil Oil Analysis Consultant Micheal Shaw

CLEVELAND, OHIO, U.S., April 20, 2021 / — TestOil, the industry leader in fluid analysis, is offering Consulting PRO oil analysis consultation service. This is an excellent means for transforming any oil analysis program into a more effective and efficient asset; increasing the reliability and availability of machinery while minimizing maintenance costs.

Oil Analysis Consultant Micheal Shaw, a TestOil Consulting PRO team member explained, “There are many companies that are good candidates for this—especially new facilities that want to get off to a good start with oil analysis; established facilities that don’t have any oil analysis program in place; and facilities that have a plan in place, but need some help getting it back on track or optimizing it. All aspects of Consulting PRO can be customized. The customer is always in control of the direction of their program.”

The service offers the following five audit levels—each with the objective of optimizing customers’ oil analysis programs:
• Genesis: This includes a plant walk through to completely document assets for oil analysis along with verbal recommendations for proper sample point locations, sample port recommendations, lube storage and handling, etc.
• Enterprise: This includes a morning training session for the customer’s maintenance team that covers the most critical information. In the afternoon session, TestOil’s expert accompanies the team to the plant floor for an observational and educational walk-through.
• Next Level: This includes a review of the existing lubrication and oil analysis program, covering integral components of a well-designed and executed program. It culminates in a detailed report outlining findings and recommendations.
• Prestige: This highly customized audit includes a virtual meeting between the customer and a TestOil expert that results in targeted goals and a roadmap for success.
• World Class: This includes identification of areas for lubrication improvements and a project plan to transform how plant personnel view and approach lubrication. TestOil’s auditor will perform a review, based on interviews and field observation of the lubrication and oil analysis program, and deliver prioritized recommendations. The audit will include a program analysis identifying a roadmap for improvements.

Through careful evaluation and development of clearly defined goals, Consulting PRO audits are a thoughtful approach for maintaining the most effective oil analysis program.
TestOil’s Consulting PRO is the first step for establishing a comprehensive oil analysis program. The next step for most TestOil Consulting PRO customers is TestOil’s Sampling PRO. The service is ideal for companies that have established a foundational oil analysis program through Consulting PRO, but may be low on trained maintenance personnel or just want to follow up with a hands-off approach to oil analysis. Through Sampling PRO, TestOil’s trained team of industry experts maintains the oil analysis program—tagging equipment and conducting consistent sample collection. Sampling PRO also includes a follow up report review; explanation of critical report results; and an annual program review.

Both Consulting PRO and Sampling PRO are components of TestOil PRO, the company’s world class portfolio of personalized oil analysis services.
With more than 30 years of experience in the oil analysis industry, TestOil focuses exclusively on assisting industrial facilities with reducing maintenance costs and avoiding unexpected downtime through oil analysis program implementation. As industry experts in diagnosing oil-related issues in equipment such as turbines, hydraulics, gearboxes, pumps, compressors and diesel generators, TestOil provides customers with a guarantee of same-day turnaround on all routine testing. With in-house, certified training professionals, TestOil offers lubrication and oil analysis training, private onsite training, certification training and exams, and educational webinars. For more information on partnering with TestOil on oil analysis programs or training opportunities visit Contact: 216-251-2510;

Jeanna Van Rensselar
Smart PR Communications
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Nationwide Energy Partners Converts to 100% Carbon-Free Energy

NEP Logo

Nationwide Energy Partners

Nationwide Energy Partners focuses solely on multifamily communities.

For more than 20 years, NEP has exclusively serviced the multifamily market.

Meter bank

100% carbon-free energy and electric rates that never exceed the host utility are major components of NEP’s privatized solution for property owners.

Nationwide Energy Partners (NEP) commits to convert all the communities it assists with competitive electric supply procurement to 100% carbon-free energy

We know our carbon-free solution is valued by our clients, their investors, and their residents. For NEP this is just a step…to our commitment to a 100% renewable energy portfolio by 2025.”

— Timothy J. (T.J.) Harper, President, Nationwide Energy Partners

COLUMBUS, OH, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2021 / — Nationwide Energy Partners (NEP), the premier provider of privatized electric and water solutions to the multifamily market, has announced a commitment to convert all the communities it assists with competitive electric supply procurement to 100% carbon-free energy by May 1, 2021.

NEP’s decision will provide residents, owners, and operators of these communities with approximately 250 million kilowatt hours annually of energy generated by facilities that do not directly produce any greenhouse gas emissions (sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, or carbon dioxide). According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), this means NEP will remove 230 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions annually. This is the equivalent of 195 million pounds of coal burned or nearly 40,000 automobiles driven for a full year. NEP will absorb the additional costs associated with the environmentally friendly move, passing none of these costs on to residents.

“It’s big commitment financially, operationally, and environmentally that we are excited to make,” said Nationwide Energy Partners’ president, Timothy J. (T.J.) Harper. “We are proud to enable the largest supply of carbon-free energy to the multifamily markets in the areas we serve.”

The carbon-free generated energy is verified via emission-free energy certificates (EFECs). The EFEC’s are managed and cleared by the third-party PJM Environmental Information Services’ (PJM EIS) Generation Attribute Tracking System (GATS). PJM EIS ensures veracity by creating standards which verify no double selling of the same certificate. NEP has purchased certificates to cover the combined load of its customers and their residents, ensuring all properties where NEP assists with electric supply receive 100% carbon-free generated electricity.

NEP’s carbon-free offering provides property owners and developers, who are increasingly challenged with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals, an eco-friendly solution for their communities.

“ESG goals are becoming standard fare for investment-grade real estate. We know our carbon-free solution is valued by our clients, their investors, and their residents. For NEP this is just a step along the way to our commitment to a 100% renewable energy portfolio by 2025,” Harper said.

David Myers
Nationwide Energy Partners
+1 614-918-7493
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Enter Today for Early Entry Discount in 2021 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program

Publisher Mike Madsen at the Annual 'ASTORS' Homeland Security Awards Program

Publisher Mike Madsen at the Annual ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program

2021 'ASTORS' Homeland Security Awards Program

2021 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program

Early Entry Discounts for the 2021 ‘ASTORS’ Awards Program close April 30th so get your Nominations in today to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity!

BELMAR, NJ, USA, April 20, 2021 / — Homeland Security has surged to the forefront of our national conversation this year as we continue to experience an immigration crisis along our southern border, civil unrest in our cities as well as an ongoing global pandemic.

These challenges have become a national priority with an influx of investments in innovative new technologies and systems.

Enter, American Security Today, the #1 publication and media platform in the Government Security and Homeland Security fields with a circulation of over 75,000 readers and many tens of thousands more visiting our AST Website at each month.

American Security Today’s 2021 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program ( is now in its Sixth Year and specifically designed to honor distinguished government and vendor solutions that deliver enhanced value, benefit and intelligence to end users in a variety of government, homeland security and public safety vertical markets.

From innovative Military Programs, Local, State and Federal Public Safety and Emergency Management Initiatives, New Physical and IT Products and Services, the 2021 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program is an ideal media platform for your organization to receive the recognition you deserve!

Last year’s program was the largest in our company’s history (see our 2020 ‘ASTORS’ Champions Edition Fully Interactive Magazine at The 2021 ‘ASTORS’ Awards program is already on track for another record-breaking year and the competition is fierce!

To enter your nomination(s) to take part in this exclusive opportunity and compete against your industry leading peers, go to

The ‘ASTORS’ Awards Program is proudly sponsored by ATI Systems (, Attivo Networks (, Automatic Systems (, X.Labs ( and Reed Exhibitions (, every one a Returning Sponsor.

We have some very exciting post COVID-19 news as this year’s ISC East (the International Security Conference & Exposition at will go LIVE at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City from Wed, Nov 17, 2021 – Thu, Nov 18, 2021!

ISC East is the leading event for the Northeast’s security and public safety community, and AST’s 2021 ‘ASTORS’ Awards Presentation Banquet/Luncheon will take place there on November 17th 2021.

To take advantage of this exclusive luncheon opportunity to take a break from the show – Invite your team, guests, clients and show visitors to a lovely and affordable plated meal event in the heart of New York City, for a fabulous networking opportunity!

Go to to secure your seat or reserve a table. ***Limited space available so Register Today. There will be no on-site registrations.

Your ‘ASTORS’ Awards Luncheon registration includes complimentary attendee access to ISC East where you can meet the world’s most innovative suppliers and cyber experts, immerse yourself in hands-on tech and learn from world-renowned speakers and thought-leaders.

As an attendee, ISC East 2021 will provide you with the opportunity to interact with a broader array of security industry professionals, which includes security dealers, installers, integrators, consultants, corporate, government and law enforcement/first responder practitioners.

The combination of one-on-one conversations with the industry’s top innovators, integrators and security executives, special events, high-quality education and training, and strong support from industry associations make ISC East the security industry’s most comprehensive East Coast event.

Join us as we convene in New York City to network, learn and evaluate solutions from leading security exhibitors and brands.

About the 2021 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards Program

The Annual ’ASTORS’ Awards are the preeminent U.S. Homeland Security Awards Program highlighting the most cutting-edge and forward-thinking security solutions coming onto the market today, to ensure our readers have the information they need to stay ahead of the competition, and keep our Nation safe – one facility, street, and city at a time.

To learn more about the Annual ‘ASTORS’ Awards Program please visit

For All Things American Security Today, including the 2021 ‘ASTORS’ Awards Program and Sponsorship Opportunities, please contact Michael Madsen, AST Publisher at

Tammy Waitt
American Security Today
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Companies, Schools & Institutions Across America Can Now Get an Energy Manager on Their Staff but Not on Their Payroll

DELAVAN, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2021 / — Rapid changes occurring in the energy-efficiency marketplace have made it critical to ensure every business, school, facility and institution is seeing the greatest level of energy savings possible. But they all have different energy management needs: Basic energy solutions may be sufficient for some in the beginning, but as needs grow and expand a more involved energy service solution is required.

Everyone has a building or facility engineer but their job is to keep the building operating and functioning.

However for energy optimization, that requires the skill and expertise of an experienced Energy Manager – someone who can help successfully navigate the ever-changing energy landscape. And while having full-time staff energy manager or engineer is valuable, it can also be expensive.

Until now.

Alternative Utility Services announces a new and innovative Virtual Facility Energy Management program that provides companies, schools, facilities and institutions the brainpower of a seasoned Energy Manager – but without the added cost of hiring one.

“Outsourced energy management has revolutionized the way businesses handle their utility, energy efficiency and cost-saving initiatives”, says Fritz Kreiss, CEO of Alternative Utility Services. “Our Virtual Facility Energy Management program delivers peace of mind by providing the right energy expert ready to keep their business, school, facility or institution on the right path to maximizing both energy savings and long-term profitability.”

Managing a building’s energy consumption usually involves complicated and continuous analog meter readings, and research has shown that the benefits of real-time energy management are undeniable. Fortunately, advances in technology now offer an improved method to monitor and control a building or facility’s energy usage.

So as part of their Virtual Facility Energy Management program, Alternative Utility Services provides clients with a dashboard that displays real-time energy consumption data, giving clients the data and tools they need to remove ‘guesswork’ from objectively validating the needs and claims of each operational area, and make decisions based on hard numbers.

Managing a building, school or facility’s energy can be both a mind-numbing and time-consuming exercise. The new Virtual Facility Energy Management program from Alternative Utility Services gives clients back the bandwidth they need to focus on other important issues while simultaneously saving money.

Companies, schools, facilities and institutions can learn more about the Virtual Facility Energy Management program by calling 800-392-4287, emailing to, or by visiting

About Alternative Utility Services, Inc.
Since 1993, Alternative Utility Services, Inc. has been dedicated to unlocking the power of energy and water efficiency for businesses nationwide through innovative solutions that lower energy consumption, reduce energy spend, and increase profits. The company’s exceptional staff of energy experts look help companies accomplish their energy efficiency objectives through their extensive suite of solutions. They can be reached at

Jenna Buehre
Alternative Utility Services, Inc.
+1 262-248-0930
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On Ship Maintenance Made Safe

Awkward and confined space on ship access system

On Ship Engine Turbo Charger via LOBO platform

LOBO Advanced Platform Application

Great product & versatile. If only those that think: it will only take a minute saw the result.
Time's money when you stop work, take the injured to hospital, how much money do you really save?”

— Thomas Bush

DERBY, DERBYSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, April 20, 2021 / — For Awkward and Restricted Access

LOBO Systems have developed an advanced platform system that has several directly attributable benefits to the shipping industry.

In short:
The LOBO System is a versatile work platform product that combines the flexibility and strength of traditional scaffolding with the simplicity and mobility of aluminium tower systems. It can be made safely into any shape or size, without the need for any tools and is extremely versatile, therefore fits into extremely awkward to access areas. The product flat packs making it easy to store and utilize ship-wide.

It’s easy & quick to erect, versatile and strong.

This simple system can be assembled by anyone, as the components are modular and full training is provided to ensure competency and safety. The ship maintenance crew can assemble the LOBO System quickly, easily and safely around, under or above stairs, pipes, plant rooms and specifically in awkward to get to areas.

This means out-sourced scaffolding labour costs can be reduced without comprising safety.

Areas previously considered difficult to get to can now be accessed with ease for maintenance.

Robert Bokros
LOBO Systems Ltd
+1 800-640-5492
Visit us on social media:

LOBO Systems 2 minute product demonstration

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The Sun Company Helps Revolutionize Indoor Grows with the Power of the Sun

A yellow starburst illustration with The Sun Company written cleanly in Grey

Diversified renewable energy solutions empower cannabis farmers to grow greener and cleaner with energy independence

TUCSON, AZ, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2021 / — The Sun Company tackles energy challenges with diversified renewable solutions, and few industries face bigger energy challenges than cannabis growers. An indoor grow can produce higher yields and THC levels in a climate-controlled setting, but extreme energy costs, grid disruptions and access limits can severely complicate operations. The Sun Company offers a diversified solution in sun-powered cannabis.

Imagine an indoor grow with energy independence, lower consumption costs and protections against central grid fluctuations and failures. That's the diversified solution provided by microgrids, securing ambient internal temperatures with geothermal, drawing energy from solar power and protecting that energy with cutting-edge battery technology.

A microgrid is a self-sufficient, on-site energy system with an option to connect to the central grid, but when disconnected, it operates independently and autonomously like a local electrical island. This advanced system helps enhance reliability and protect grows against power outages and rolling blackouts. That same microgrid can draw sun-powered energy from solar technology allowing growers to dramatically decrease their consumption costs and environmental impact. Growers utilize the power of the sun without energy uncertainty or an oversized carbon footprint.

A microgrid also provides a solution for licensed growers whose utility company does not have the required infrastructure in their area. In such cases, growers must often pay for the buildout themselves which the utility giant will then own and charge the growers to use. By contrast, a microgrid investment creates infrastructure that the growers own, the consumption costs are significantly lower and surplus sun-powered energy can be sold back to the grid.

"Repurposing your grow with sun-powered indoor cannabis provides the type of energy independence and cost stability that the modern cannabis grower needs," says industry expert Jason Rhude. "The Sun Company is the only organization servicing the cannabis industry with off-grid energy solutions."

By adopting diversified renewable solutions, cannabis growers can transition to a sun-powered energy system that provides immediate and ongoing benefits. For more information on how renewable solutions can help your grow or business, please contact

The Sun Company Representative
The Sun Company Texas, LLC
+1 844-484-3786
Visit us on social media:

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SecureCo Announces Appointment of John L. Sullivan to Advisory Board

John L. Sullivan named SecureCo advisor

John L. Sullivan named SecureCo advisor

Sullivan Brings a Wealth of Enterprise and National Security Expertise to SecureCo

We believe we will benefit greatly from Jack’s wealth of industry insights and experience.”

— Alex Harrington

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2021 / — SecureCo, Inc. (“SecureCo,” the “Company,” “we,” “our” or “us”), which offers protected and resilient data-in-transit cybersecurity leveraging deception, obfuscation and misattribution, today announced the appointment of John (Jack) L. Sullivan to its advisory board. The advisory board provides guidance to SecureCo management on a range of strategic considerations, including security technology and product design, government and industry requirements, and commercialization opportunities.

Jack Sullivan serves as Chief Security Officer of Boston Scientific, where he is responsible for managing security of company facilities in 130 countries, including crisis management, business continuity and safeguarding intellectual property. Prior to Boston Scientific, Sullivan was the CSO of Starbucks and the Director of Corporate Security and Loss Prevention for Dunkin’ Brands. Sullivan also has had a distinguished career of service with the U.S. federal government, first as a U.S. Marine, then as a Special Agent with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General. He sits on several industry and company advisory boards relating to physical and cyber security. He was named to the 2019 list of the most influential people in Security by Security Magazine.

“SecureCo is excited to welcome Jack, whose security experience spans the convergence of physical and cyber security. His enterprise experience in supply chain resilience and facilities security, and his extensive government experience in national security, both align well with SecureCo target markets.” said Alex Harrington, CEO of SecureCo. “We believe we will benefit greatly from Jack’s wealth of industry insights and experience.”

SecureCo offers exceptional protection and resiliency for data traversing the internet. Unlike most data-in-transit security offerings, SecureCo uses both fortification and stealth, adding valuable diversity to client defense strategies. Our platform-as-a-service routes data over a Zero Trust mesh network using deception, obfuscation and misattribution, to not only cryptographically secure sensitive comms, but to hide the very existence of the transmission. SecureCo solutions are targeted for government and enterprise applications for mobile and remote access, IoT, secure facilities and critical infrastructure. For more information, please visit:

PR Inquiries
SecureCo, Inc.

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Aquafighter® Enters North American Agriculture Market With Water-Free Diesel Technology For Farms.

Image showing Aquafighter being installed into tank and then Aquafighter being removed from the fuel tank and replaced.

Aquafighter®: Combining fuel de-emulsification with in-tank water capture to make diesel fuel and tanks water-free. An ideal fuel solution with easy installation & simple replacement to provide farmers with a clean tank and “clear & bright” fuel to all diesel equipment.

Image showing Aquafighter cleaning water-logged fuel that will prevent diesel bacteria and diesel bug.

Aquafighter® before and after: The difference is clear.

Image showing Aquafighter applications on the farm.  Solutions for storage tanks and solutions for diesel machines and equipment.

Aquafighter® has solutions to fit all accessible diesel tanks on the farm to create a wall against water, dirt, chemical additives and bacteria from contaminating tanks, using up filters, corroding steel tanks & engine parts and from damaging machinery.

Aquafighter®, the first product giving farmers the power to purify fuel directly inside the tank and to keep tank bottoms dry; enters the North American market.

We know that when people use Aquafighter® for the first time, they will not want their fuel tanks to be without Aquafighter® again.”

— Per Jahnsrud, CEO of DieselCare AS

WINNIPEG, MB, April 20, 2021 / — Aquafighter®, a new technology for removing water from diesel fuel and keeping fuel tanks water-free, is growing their sales network worldwide and seeking increased distribution in North America.

Steve Schultz of DieselCare AS, developer and manufacturer of the Aquafighter® technology, "When we brought Aquafighter to market in January of 2020 we had our focus in the fuel station industry as we have 45 years experience in that field and phenomenal results in the 2+ years of Aquafighter use with fuel station tanks prior to market launch. However; we have expanded our focus as we understand the large amounts of diesel that farms use every year and the amount of storage tank contamination, machinery repairs and filter replacements that can largely be traced back to water in the fuel and in the fuel tank; especially with the increase in biodiesel use."

Aquafighter® is a simple non-additive, non-energy consuming, easy to use fuel purifying technology that is easily installed into the bottom of the fuel tank that will keep both diesel and biodiesel water-free and eliminate or greatly reduce the risks created from water/condensation in the fuel tank such as diesel bug, microbial growth, tank corrosion, clogged filters, injector misfire, reduction in fuel efficiency, loss of acceleration, fuel degradation, engine stall and engine failure.

Per Jahnsrud, CEO of DieselCare AS, "Over the last 20 years I spent time in the US Midwest inspecting fuel tanks and I was surprised at the condition of these tanks and the bad fuel that so many farmers are allowing to go into their beautiful and expensive tractors and combines. 8 out of every 10 tanks that I inspected had an unacceptable level of water and a significant amount of bacteria. This leads to so many unnecessary filter changes, repair costs and downtime."

Aquafighter® is available in various sizes for tanks with openings as small as 1.5 inches (3.8cm) and capacities ranging from 6 ounces to 10 gallons (200ml to 40 liters). Also, the Aquafighter® Fleet is available for installation into tractors, trucks and combines.

"Just as with all fuel tanks in every application, water is an inescapable inevitability. Because the fuel tank needs to breathe, the air that cycles through your tank brings with it condensation that accumulates inside the tank; and this doesn't even account for the water that comes with the fuel delivery and tank leaks. Only a few milliliters of water can grow bacteria and only 1 drop of water can cause your engine and/or injectors to fail. This is why Aquafighter is so valuable to any diesel operator who wants their machines to operate efficiently and with precision.", says Steve Schultz.

Mike Veloso with Pritchard Power Systems in Canada explains, “Aquafighter is a very simple, inexpensive solution for eliminating water in your fuel and in your tank. As a company based in Winnipeg we are quite familiar with the challenges that farmers have with water in their fuel tanks as well as the fuel that they allow into their engines. We are proud to offer a solution that can not only treat this problem, but to actually cure it."

Aquafighter® was developed by DieselCare AS in Norway in 2015. In 2017, after extensive laboratory and field testing, it was utilized by a major international fuel company to return millions of litres of waste diesel back into spec quality fuel and also as a leave-in tank maintenance solution to keep fuel station tanks water-free at all times and prevent waste fuel from ever developing again. As a maintenance solution Aquafighter® keeps the fuel better-than-spec at all times, prevents bacteria/bug growth, reduces the need for filter replacement, eliminates the development of degraded/cloudy fuel and significantly reduces the wear on every part from the tank through to the engine.

Per Jahnsrud, "As a career long fuel professional, we worked hard to develop this Aquafighter® solution because we needed a cure to remove and capture all of the water throughout the tank because water causes so much damage and so many problems; not to mention the high cost of needing to polish saturated fuel. We know that when people use Aquafighter® for the first time, they will not want their fuel tanks to be without Aquafighter® again."

Aquafighter® has application far beyond farming and is ideal for diesel generators, trucks, boats, storage tanks of all sizes, construction and mining equipment and virtually any other accessible diesel tank.

We are pleased to present our Aquafighter® Partners from around the world. Each national partner is responsible for importing Aquafighter product & establishing in-country distribution and dealer networks at farm stores, coops, retailers and other outlets in all industries within their national markets.

David Pali and Mike Veloso (Canada)

Simon Rosenbaum (Australia)
+61 07 2104 0541

Volnei Wilson Pereira (Brasil)
+55 47 3348 1810

Peter Heller (Danmark)
+45 3250 3017

David Schoofs (Deutschland)
+49 2832 978 9898

Enrique Mulero (España y Portugal)
+(34) 625 115 327

Pantelis Mylonidis (Ελλάδα)
+30 251 051 6301

Andrei Smirnov (Eesti)
+372 5629 6208

Erik Mano (France)
+33 557 306 300

Teddy Hutapea (Indonesia)
+62 812 7029 8738

Davide Manfrè (Italia)
+39 031 52 6056

Jānis Grava (Latvija/Lietuva)
+371 6308 1300

Farid Rosli (Malaysia)
+60 3-6156 9800

Martijn Noordink (Nederland)
+31 355 256 976

Hernán R. Rendón (Panamá y Venezuela)
PAN +507 6170 8328
VEN +58 424 641 3328

Савва Урьянов (Россия)
+7 925 517 1361

Costin Poiana (România)
+40 21 241 2597

Daniel Huegli (Schweiz & Österreich)
+41 62 916 5030

Jucelynn Richter (South Africa)
+27 (0)11 234 1770/1

Muhammed Ismail (Angola)
+244 923 371 620

Sidik Turay (Sub-Saharan Africa)
+49 162 218 4022

Tero Lehtonen (Suomi)
+358 44 72 88 100

Tüten Aluç (Türkiye)
+90 216 540 6500

Tommi Buckley (UK & Ireland)
+44 01782 969939

Para consultas en América Latina contáctenos: WhatsApp +47 4840 7240

Steve Schultz
+1 407-564-2411
email us here

Aquafighter® Versus Bad Fuel

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RESNET and ONE Tree Pledge Celebrate 3M HERS Index Homes with Campaign to Plant 300K Trees by January 31, 2023

RESNET 3 Million HERS Homes Logo

One Tree Pledge logo

One Tree Pledge logo

Tree Image by Olena Sergienk Unsplash

Tree Image by Olena Sergienk Unsplash

Encouraging All to Support Planting of 300,000 Trees By January 2023 To Mitigate 3 Million Pounds of Carbon

We are excited about reaching the incredible milestone of our 3 millionth HERS home rating, and we choose to commemorate it by committing to sequester 3 million pounds of carbon from the atmosphere.”

— RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden

OCEANSIDE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2021 / — Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) and Michael Ziman, Founder of the new One Tree Pledge (OTP) sustainability campaign, announce a unique new partnership in celebration of the 3 millionth home to be rated by the Home Energy Rating System Index (the HERS Index). Together RESNET and OTP are launching a campaign with the goal of planting 300,000 trees to help combat climate change by the end of January 2023. The trees will naturally sequester approximately 3 million pounds of carbon from the atmosphere annually, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. OTP encourages construction companies of all types to mitigate the carbon emissions associated with the energy use of home-dwellings by planting one tree for every one square foot they build. Now everyone in real estate can get involved. For every $1 donated, one tree is planted.

As RESNET achieves its 3 millionth home to be rated using the HERS Index, they choose to celebrate the milestone with a focus on environmental activism. Throughout the campaign, OTP and RESNET are urging everyone in real estate, from builders and developers to rating companies and realtors, to make the pledge to plant trees. For the affordable sum of only $1 per tree, everyone in real estate can help mitigate carbon emissions, building a better future for those who will be living or working in the homes and buildings they build, rate, or sell.

“We are excited about reaching the incredible milestone of our 3 millionth HERS Index home rating, and we choose to commemorate it by committing to sequester 3 million pounds of carbon from the atmosphere,” says Steve Baden, RESNET Executive Director. “Sustainability is not only the future of our industry, but it’s also the salvation of our home, our planet. One Tree Pledge now offers an easy and affordable way for all of us to be a part of the climate change solution. We can mitigate carbon emissions in the most natural way possible – by planting trees. If we plant one tree per square foot, those trees could sequester more carbon over their first 50 years than most homes emit from energy use.”

The average American home size measures 2,386 sq ft. The US Energy Information Administration reports that this average home releases 20,260 lbs. of carbon annually through the combined consumption of electricity and natural gas. According to OTP Founder Michael Ziman’s research, the average tree sequesters 10 – 13 lbs. of carbon per year and lives, on average, approximately 50 years. Ziman determined that if one tree was planted for every one square foot of an average home, the trees on average would consume or sequester 23,680 lbs. of carbon on an annual basis – surpassing the 20,260 lbs. of carbon released annually by that average home.* Committing to the One Tree Pledge helps each new home built to have a much smaller carbon footprint.

“When I discovered I could help offset greenhouse gas emissions from my building activities at Ziman Development simply by planting trees, it was a scalable game-changer. I can now invite others in the real estate industry to join me,” says Michael Ziman, Founder of One Tree Pledge “What a wonderful way to celebrate RESNET’s 3 millionth home rating by planting trees! We have made it easy and affordable for builders, ratings companies and realtors to get involved. Join us to help combat climate change, so that the families we build homes for can enjoy them for many generations.”

Builders who commit to the One Tree Pledge are not only mitigating the carbon impact from the energy use of each house they build, they are also shrinking each home’s carbon footprint, attempting to remove more carbon from the atmosphere than the home emits. Now suppliers, ratings companies, appraisers and realtors can all get involved at whatever level is comfortable. Joining together, the real estate industry can make a huge dent in Earth’s carbon emissions and help replenish the nation’s forests, many of which have been degraded by wildfire, pests and extreme weather.

Those who make the pledge will receive a certificate acknowledging their commitment, as well as publicity on the OTP and RESNET websites. With the aim of planting 300,000 trees by end of January 2023, RESNET and OTP invite everyone to join the campaign.

Make the pledge and/or learn more by visiting and by following on Instagram @onetreepledge. For more information on the 3 millionth HERS rated home, visit

# # #

* All Carbon Math explained with citations on

Valerie D Briggs
+1 760-681-2390
Visit us on social media:

RESNET Celebrates 3 Million Homes!

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Katherine Johnson of Johnson Consulting Group to be Featured on Close Up Radio

FREDERICK, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2021 / — For nearly 30 years, Katherine Johnson has helped her clients design, implement and evaluate successful demand-response programs promoting energy efficiency improvements. Today, Katherine is the founder of the Johnson Consulting Group, an energy efficiency consultancy that works with utilities, municipalities and government agencies to determine if the programs they are designing actually work.

“I get to help change the world in my own little way through promoting good sound, energy efficiency programs,” says Katherine.

Katherine brings her specialized expertise in energy efficiency, as well as her understanding of accounting, finance and marketing, to deliver “analysis that makes sense.”

“Utilities are businesses: they still have shareholders and cooperative members and they have to meet goals to offer these programs cost effectively,” says Katherine. “So it’s more about ‘How are we going to fix it’ as opposed to simply identifying the problem.”

Of course, the energy industry is not filled with women entrepreneurs.

Katherine is the co-author of Breaking Through, celebrating 13 women entrepreneurs who have been successful in establishing their own niche in traditionally male-dominated areas. Katherine’s chapter focuses on creating a brand in the energy efficiency business.

“It’s about how I've survived in the industry,” says Katherine. “As an entrepreneur, you have to create your own brand identity. Well, my name's Johnson, so I needed to figure out a way for me to differentiate myself from all the other consulting firms in the business and compete against some of the bigger firms. I became successful in the energy business by developing, educating, and creating my own niche within the industry.”

As for the next generation of energy efficiency, Katherine is helping to develop programs that encourage customers to not just do the little things, but to go beyond and invest in renewables, like solar installation.

“Utilities have an obligation to serve. If they can use their assets and their infrastructure more effectively, energy efficiency actually helps them run a more organized, cost-effective operation,” says Katherine. “There is only a finite amount of money and space to develop power plants. The cheapest megawatt to generate is the negawatt. If you can encourage everyone to use less, everyone is going to save money.”

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