Mitrefinch Launches Automated Employee Scheduling Application

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Mitrefinch Scheduling Software

On top of Time and Attendance Solutions for midsize and large organizations in USA, Mitrefinch is introducing automated staff scheduling and rostering software

NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2020 / — Mitrefinch is rolling out new Staff Scheduling application that helps automate complex shifts and rosters for midsize and large companies with 100 – 10 000 employees.

Mitrefinch US branch Director , Peter Bellotti, believes the automated rostering software can be beneficial for hospitals, chain stores, supermarkets or delivery services especially during the pandemic. “Because the scheduling is based on constraints, those restraints can apply to Covid-19 as well. For example: staffing levels based off of the number of people that have tested positive vs people that haven't.“

Specially designed and implemented to meet diverse business requirements for flexible workforce scheduling, Mitrefinch Scheduling easily complies with any complex work rules of your business across any industry verticals including Healthcare, Retail, Public Sector, Hospitality, Call Centers, Delivery, Construction or Manufacturing.

Many companies have to adapt to the new reality in ever changing environment and this is when Mitrefinch comes to the rescue. New features of flexible scheduling help accommodate new changes and challenges and will create complex schedules automatically based on Roster building, Skills Mapping, Employee Availability, Employee Trade Board, Multiple schedule views, Rotational schedule blocks, Re-useable schedule templates and Auto-generated schedules linked to customer data (e.g. sales, bed numbers, appointments, etc.).

“I would say that I have been yet to find a solution that can do everything that Mitrefinch Scheduling will. So I think it's safe to assume that our solution will offer far more functionality for customers.” said Bellotti.

How companies can benefit from automated staff scheduling?

The implementation of automated scheduling brings additional values and features for labor costing and time allocation, just to name a few:

• Online rostering will eliminate manual errors
• Supervisors will be dealing with a well-organized automated process that counts contracted hours, unsociable shifts, shift distribution, staff availability and skills.
• Managers can easily identify the best employee on the specified rules.
• Tasks will be automatically assigned to employees based on their availability, skills, duration of service and job role.
• The budget becomes more predictable since the system shows total job costing and overspends.
• Employees get a user friendly interface with interactive elements.
• Embedded alert system will send a note in real time
• Each employee can view their scheduling profile, update some details and interact with the application. They can check their records and set availability for work. Employees can also accept or reject assigned projects .

To learn more about Mitrefinch Time and Attendance and automated Scheduling solutions call 888-238-8704 or email . Or book consultation at

Mitrefinch is a global provider of Time and Attendance Software Solutions for medium-large organizations with 4000+ customers worldwide.
The US Office operates out of Massachusetts, with other global offices in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.
Mitrefinch is a fully customizable system that accommodates working patterns and rules of your business, supporting flexible and shift work across multiple sites.

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Source: EIN Presswire