Inventor of The Usher Loop, A Next-Generation Electric Generator, Launches a Crowdfunding Campaign to Generate Support

The Usher Loop

HARTFORD, WISCONSIN, USA, March 31, 2020 / — Kyle Usher, the inventor of the Usher Loop, an innovative electric generator with the potential to make energy use more economical and efficient, is launching a crowdfunding campaign to generate support so he can make this revolutionary technology a reality. The funds from the campaign will be used for the research and development phase, including prototyping, product engineering, and manufacturing.

Once this ultra-efficient next-generation power generator is complete, it will be capable of reducing electricity costs across the board by increasing the energy output of everything from wind turbines to biofuels. By making alternative energy cheaper and easier to produce, the Usher Loop promises to make the use of renewables more attractive to businesses and investors, which will help to drive the world’s much-needed shift away from a heavy dependence on fossil fuels toward a greater reliance on renewable energy.

The Usher Loop is a new concept in alternative energy that has the potential to reduce the use of non-renewable resources, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and make electricity cheaper. It is a re-invention of the standard electric generator, which relies on a metal wire to create only a small amount of energy. The Usher Loop will use a liquid metal, which creator Kyle has coined as “emulsified copper,” to achieve a much higher energy density.

With greater energy output and a lighter design, this innovative generator can replace the standard electric generators used today to generator power in wind turbines. With a smaller generator that yields a larger power output, manufacturers can build smaller, more affordable, and more powerful wind turbines.

The Usher Loop can also be used to increase the power output of other renewable energy sources, as well as fossil fuels. It can also serve as a gateway for off-grid sources of energy, providing homeowners with a low-cost solution to sustainable off-grid energy generation. This increased output can impact all areas of society, making everything from driving electric and hybrid cars to mining for Bitcoin more affordable and accessible.

Kyle Usher, the inventor of the Usher Loop and the founder of the startup, Usher Techs, filed a provisional patent in late 2018 and is ready to move forward with the development and testing phase. To learn more about Kyle, his work, and this promising new technology, and to support this project, visit the Indiegogo page for the Usher Loop.

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Source: EIN Presswire