Game Changing Technology for Custody Transfer Points

LineVu, a new high-pressure camera monitoring system from Process Vision, being tested by National Grid at a gas entry point to UK National Transmission System.

BASINGSTOKE, HAMPSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, November 28, 2019 / — The quality of natural gas is closely monitored at custody transfer points where gas enters a gas network such as the National Transmission System (NTS) in the UK. Gas analysers continuously monitor to ensure that the gas entering the NTS complies with both commercial agreements and Gas Safety Management Regulations. However, we do not see the full picture. While gas contracts strictly specify there to be no liquids, there have been instances where the liquids used in gas processing to remove sulphur and water vapour, together with compressor oil, have carried over with the gas flow and pass through the monitoring system without triggering an alarm. This results in contamination of a gas network and the associated clean-up costs, once contamination is discovered. In some cases it is discovered too late, for example after it has caused a failure in a gas turbine or compressor station.

LineVu, a new monitoring system from Process Vision, is now being tested by National Grid at a gas entry point to the UK NTS. LineVu is a high-pressure camera system permanently installed at a tapping point in the pipeline and looks down into the gas pipe. Image processing detects and reports any contamination seen moving down the pipeline. With the system providing a live video stream to both local and remote engineers, National Grid is hoping that the information gained from LineVu puts them in a position to make better operational decisions and improve accountability.

Paul Stockwell, Managing Director of Process Vision Ltd, said “Contamination of gas pipelines is a global problem that has been overlooked for too long. Apart from the safety and asset integrity improvements, LineVu enabled custody transfer points will prevent contamination entering the network, and significantly improve the uncertainty of fiscal flow measurements, which widen when wet gas is present.”

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Source: EIN Presswire