CEO David Feldman provides a behind the scenes look at DJF Enterprises

David Feldman

Atlanta-based CEO David Feldman has a demonstrated background in transforming all manner of businesses during a career so far spanning three decades.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, October 10, 2018 / — David Feldman has held various senior positions at high profile companies including General Electric, Holcim, Cooper Lighting, and Katy Industries. During his eight years at Katy Industries, the successful CEO completely turned around the fortunes of the Missouri-based manufacturing company.

Father of two, David Feldman has subsequently gone on to establish DJF Enterprises. "I started the business to meet the needs of those who were looking for senior-level consultancy surrounding their business ventures or investment opportunities," he explains.

It's Feldman's belief that real success in business requires complete focus and the development of an outstanding team. "Before a business can genuinely progress, regardless of industry, and thus become truly profitable, an outstanding team must be put together," suggests Feldman. "Furthermore, focus must be established – it's about tackling primary objectives head-on, and executing each and every decision effectively, efficiently, and, most importantly of all, profitably."

Feldman further adds that it's his view that serving any role in upper management calls for a clear vision for the company in question. "Especially in the long term," he adds.

A keen philanthropist, the DJF Enterprises CEO regularly and generously supports a number of organizations, including Atlanta Community Food Bank. "They're a local charity whose mission is to fight hunger by educating, engaging, and empowering individuals across Atlanta," he explains of the organization.

The organization is a division of Feeding America, the country's foremost domestic hunger-relief charity. Feeding America is another cause supported by the experienced businessman and entrepreneur, as well as his wife Karen, and their two grown-up sons.

Explaining his work via DJF Enterprises, Feldman reveals that throughout his working life, he has held himself wholly responsible for continuously learning, developing, and always progressing. "This," says Feldman, "is the very ethos of what I'm doing through DJF Enterprises. Every day, I stress to people the significance of taking away experience, knowledge, and perspective from every aspect of both professional and personal life."

"In doing this myself," he adds, wrapping up, "I've obtained countless positive experiences during my time in business which have helped me at every step of the way, right from the beginning, both in my profession and in my home life."

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